Children's Faith Formation

Elementary Faith Formation


 Our Children's Faith Formation program includes grades Pre-K (children who are age 4 by class start date) through 5th grade.  Students are led to an understanding and love of our faith through dedicated instruction and guidance. They are given hands-on activities which help them delight in their time with us.  During the children's consistent, weekly instruction, we work together with families to help the child become grounded in the tenets of Catholicism while sharing with them the peace and joy Jesus brings into our lives.

Due to COVID restrictions, we will not begin in-person faith formation classes until January 10th. However, we would still like to offer ways to keep our children connected to their faith.

From October 4 until January 10, we will offer two options for families.
Option 1 is to receive child-friendly Gospel videos and virtual lessons vial email.
Option 2 is to pick up packets of lessons and materials to complete at home. Registration material will be available each week after the 4pm Saturday Mass and from 9:30 to 1:00pm on Sundays. A registration form is also available on the SJTW website. For questions, please contact Sarah Phillips,

Our Elementary Faith Formation Education Program follows the Archdiocesan curriculum guidelines. We are using the  Be My Disciples   series of textbooks, published by RCL Benziger for 1st through 5th grades and Blest Are We for kindergarten; both excellent guides for students and catechists.  Our preschool uses the Gospel Weeklies curriculum which matches the weekly Gospel readings.  

CONTACT: For more information contact: Sarah Phillips 

Sacramental Preparation

Due to COVID-19 precautions, we are looking into how best to manage the First Communion and First Reconciliation programs this year. They usually begin in February, so please check back again in 2021.   2020-2021 REGISTRATION FORM WILL BE AVAILABLE LATER THIS YEAR.

PREPARATION FOR FIRST RECONCILIATION AND FIRST COMMUNION usually occurs in a series of parent-with-child classes taught by Father Ted Prentice starting ( to be determined ) for First Reconciliation and ( to be determined ) for First Communion. 

First Reconciliation classes will be held on the following Sundays from (to be determined)

First Communion classes will be held on the following Sundays from (to be determined)

First Reconciliation will take place (to be determined)

First Communion will take place Sunday (to be determined)

Registration forms:  (Can be found in the tab at the top of the HOME page labeled, ONLINE FORM.  You may also find them in the wall file next to the outside doors of the narthex.

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