Care Ministry

IN-HOME VISITS:   The Care Ministry serves the needs of the sick, chronically ill, disabled, and elderly by providing in-home Eucharistic visits when parishioners are not able to attend mass. Those who serve in this ministry are trained adult parishioners. Our goal is to provide both concern and compassion towards the individual's spiritual needs. In home visits, lay ministers assist our pastor by offering the Sacrament of Eucharist and extending the news of the parish to those who cannot physically join our mass celebrations. Ministers are trained and certified following the Archdiocesan guidelines. If you are interested in becoming a care minister, contact Terri Fessler Boris at x 101 or 

ANOINTINGS:  Anointings occur after the 5pm, 8:30am and 10:30am masses on the first full weekend of the month.  Also, a Care Minister may request an anointing or Fr. Ted may be contacted directly to anoint parishioners who are unable to attend services at the church.  

PRAYER REQUESTS: We sponsor a prayer chain on-line and by phone. You may call or send an email to request prayers for others or yourself. The calls are passed on down the chain and the emails are posted to those connected to the prayer chain. Parishioners who receive the prayer requests, pray for them however they wish.

TO POST A PRAYER REQUEST ONLINE, OR TO JOIN THE PRAYER CHAIN GO TO:  In the email, indicate if you are wanting to join the chain, or are requesting a prayer.  Give all pertinent information when requesting prayer.  You may also contact Liz Daily - email: or Claire Clow, 503-761-8710 x104.